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Marry Me by Elizabeth Pridgen

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  • leekuk
    The last line is quite thought-provoking, as marriage is somewhat of a paradox - a paradise of freedom as well as a prison. I liked it.

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  • AdaPridgen14
    started a topic Marry Me by Elizabeth Pridgen

    Marry Me by Elizabeth Pridgen

    Marry Me
    Elizabeth Pridgen
    I’ve known you for ten years.
    And thank you for wiping my tears.
    You know how much I love you, right?
    Now all that’s left is to hope our future is bright.
    “Marry me.” You say,
    “Just get me through the grey.”
    I will if I ever learn to pray.
    Promise me, you’ll be my side,
    And I’ll always be your bride.
    I’ll marry you if you marry me.
    But let’s thank God we are free.