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The Dawn Just Ain't Enough Anymore

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  • The Dawn Just Ain't Enough Anymore

    Well, the dawn just ain't enough anymore
    Watch out for trouble you're heading for
    Decide for change or the trouble in store
    When the dawn just ain't enough anymore

    Sunday turns to Monday
    And Monday to June
    Got a lot of somedays
    When somedays come through
    Are few and far between, it's true
    Well, I hope the dawn to be enough for you

    If you're flunked, you're drunk, find yourself on the floor
    If you're cried out, dried out, hung over the door
    If you've sworn before and never no more
    With colors swelling into the morn

    Living is easier
    Yes, living is more complicated
    Your dead-end job, it could be worse
    If the dawn is forgotten, haunted by windows shaded

    You're perched on the steps with smoke in your face
    Staring down like nothing takes place
    Well, my friend, you've got fire in your hand
    No shoes on and your socks full of sand
    You may not own that home that you're in
    But the dawn will be coming again

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    Very good. Very depressing and emotional. I feel if you keep posting material like this you can win.


    • B.F. Pierce
      B.F. Pierce commented
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      Thanks for giving it a read!

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    I rather liked it as well, though my interpretation was more hopeful. Nice work!