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    Who are you?
    What left is there when your bones crack,
    and your sight's weak?
    When your life washed up and there's nothing left to gamble.
    What words can depict?! What song can release?!
    Whose heart was strong enough to carry all of you,
    and how did they win?
    You thought life was your own. No doors locked.
    No window sealed.
    But you couldn't find a way in.
    And it hits you.
    Like a civilian in the midst of a war zone-
    You see her. There she is.
    Still sweetly innocent, shy, and uncomprehending.
    But she was not alone.
    That's what it's like. Lying there in the ash of bones and bruises.
    Only still as before, as though nothing had gone awry.
    That's when you've noticed there's no 'person' there waiting with you.
    You were alone, wandering, and lost...
    You've stumbled, You've knelt, You've panted.
    Thirsting for compassion.
    Longingly desperate for the silver lining that was always
    right over the ridge, and the next ridge, and the next one still.
    Until you've ran out of stones to throw and there are no more doors-
    only an open, desolate, and ruined space.
    Now you realize that the time you've wasted, gambled, sold, traded...
    all of that which you've given away, truly, wasn't yours to give.
    Still you remain.
    And He has you.
    For in this moment none of that matters.
    He has kept you safe and He takes the old you and the new you,
    and He walks them into something brand new.
    That's who you are.
    You're not your own. You're not someone's better half.
    He never let you go. Never complained that you were selfish.
    He lets peace overcome every obstacle that you had failed in the first place,
    and together the three of you are whole.
    There are no mistakes. No blame.
    There's not even a whisper of fault to be found.
    You didn't have to work for it and you sure as hell didn't earn it.
    Before you were standing so deep in your own mess that
    even if you could have left on your own you wouldn't know
    to appreciate how easy it was to Just. Let. Go.
    And that's why He does it. Not because He can make us suffer,
    or teach us a lesson. Not even for revenge.
    He cares enough to do it for love. That's how you know.
    That's who you are.
    You are loved.

    Written by Chasity Thomas 10.11.14
    Hometown of Abilene, Ks

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    That is a wonderfully uplifting spiritual journey. Thanks for posting. Hope to see more of your work.


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      Thanks John, I do have a blog that I've recently started in order to organize some of my writings. I'll give this forum a post or two, but if you or anyone would like to view them the blog's address is
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        Hi Chasity I FELT feelings when I read your words. The kurlman


        • ChasityThomas
          ChasityThomas commented
          Editing a comment
          That is the best compliment for my writing that I have ever received. Sincerely, Thank you.