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  • Marionette

    by Crimson Rose

    I am a small puppet
    A girl on tiny strings

    I can't visit new places
    Or go to see new things
    When you say you love me
    I feel like you are telling lies
    I try to see all your words
    All I can do is cry and cry.

    You want me to yourself
    I am only feeling alone

    It is like I am trapped
    With no life of my own
    I long for my freedom
    Because I am not a toy
    I want to feel the love
    Of a sweet, gentle boy.

    Why can't you let me go
    To have a life that I desire

    Why must you control me
    My hatred growing higher
    Everything I do is wrong
    I don't know what to do
    If I could fix this I would
    But I do not have a clue.

    I want to run, I want to play
    I want to freely jump around

    I want to run and fly my wings
    I want to play my own sound

    I want to be my own person
    I want to lose these tiny strings
    I want to love how I can love
    I want to not be your plaything.

    Seated in a corner filled with ash and rust
    I can only sit in silence, hugging my knees

    There for all eternity just collecting dust
    I wait here patiently so that I can be free
    Is this, my now life to be forever my fate
    Will this torment ever come to have an end
    I pray for a day these strings will truncate
    So I can feel love and a gentle touch again.

    I no longer want to be an abandoned toy
    Someone send me an angel from above

    A sweet and innocent, but strong boy
    Someone with whom I can always love.

    C. 1-5-13


    My hometown is Canonsburg, PA
    [email protected]

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    Omg, I'm bi, and this poem just straight up made me cry, felt your pain, felt your soul. To have another and feel alone is a pain I've tattooed in a poem down my arm, all alone is all we are... wow, keep writing thats amazing love the rhyme/not rhyme scheme beautifully interupted flow as a perfect mirror for an interupted life of love.... thanks for sharing!!!


    • Crimson Rose
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      Thank you so much, SkylitTyler!

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    Oh God, how my tears wouldn't stop FLOWING!! This poem is downright AMAZING. You've written a poem of a Marionette that no one else can put into words. There must be stars higher than 5, if you know what I mean. You've written so many people's lives down on a sheet of paper.


    • Jiynx Diablo
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      Cool! Vocaloid?



      Oh that SeeU blonde girl is like, real cute.

    • Crimson Rose
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      I love SeeU and a few of the other Vocaloids to pieces!

    • Jiynx Diablo
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      Definetly. :33

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    • Jiynx Diablo
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      How I agree.