Shades and Rays
When a race began between a party of two
Laughing gently with different shades of hue
Friends at the start when a gun popped a shot
A healthy competition that's destined to rot

Two lines that travel, unravel through time
Facing racial obstacles to rattle their spines
Two lines from the past, casted life in shades and rays
Never to intersect into the zones that they lay

The sun fought the shade to spread its rays
The shade battled the rays to cool who lay
Separate but equal in the worlds they paved
Till the rays spread to shade and laid the first grave

Closely they criss and cross and swerve
Swearing one upon the other to obey their curve
Even after elapses of time these lines still collide
Racial harmony in unified society playing in rewind

Lining ourselves up for another rumble
Both shades and ray will ultimately tumble
Triggers pulled and locked to a ticking of a clock
Counting off colors until we both had enough

Rays too bright till a man scream, "I can't breathe"
Shades too heavy till a man scream, "I can't see"
Except for the colors in a vintage photograph
Black and white blurred as the fantasy is fanned

History heavy burden upon a nation once great
To justify those who once hung in the street
Presently playing hopscotch in a court of crime
Under a stoking of coals hotter than the lines

Rays and shades trying to play
Under the bright beams of a medias gaze
Each action to dissection with quivered questions
Quoting to provoke the rush to the race end

And to all those looking at the world colorblind
Imagining a world without respecting different sides
Cutting and set hanging by backing away ignorant
Showing its apparent who the snake of Eden bit

Both try without knives and each comply
Speaking freely without saying their lies
Until a ray too grave or a shade too knave
Colors their cousins back centuries of days

Where one ray ends a shade may begin
Till the shade is lit by a light of a ray
A life sequence surely we all must see
Warmth and Cool unified problem-solve our pleas

So please, ease us into the grace of day
With love and hugs and bountiful doves
Carrying a branch of olives from the rays to the shade
Prospects of peace always come from tumultuous days

Written By: Ethan Altmayer
Hometown: Geneva, IL