What Do you see when you look at me?
by Kevin Richardson

When you look in my eyes and observe my life
Do you see someone full of passion and drive?
Or do you see someone who’s just passing by
While the world is quickly dying
Am I more concerned with living the good life?
And so focused on getting mine
That I forget to sincerely empathize and lay down my life
For those who didn’t eat the past couple of nights
For those on the brink of committing suicide
Because they don’t see the point of life
For those who don’t know about Christ
For those who are struggling just to get by
Or those around the world dying
From easily preventable diseases and senseless crimes

You see, my heart hurts deep down inside
And sometimes I feel like I’m going to lose my mind
Because just a few days ago on a rainy night
I read that another little child has lost their life
Due to a stray bullet from a drive by
Which resulted in another mother with
a boat load of tears flowing from her eyes
Not to mention abortion and sex trafficking is on the rise
I close my eyes and ask why
And maybe even shed a few tears & cry
But in a few minutes, it slips my mind
And I go on to live my own life
Thinking about what I’m going to eat tonight
Or buying another pair of kicks to look fly

This got me thinking in my mind
Who is the one who committed the real crime?
The one who lost their temper and pulled the trigger on the nine
The one who took that unborn baby’s life
The one who raped that little girl or boy many times
Or could it possibly be the one who had all the resources and time
But just said never mind, I’ll just take care of mine
Which is basically the same as saying
I’ll just sit back and just watch them all die
Instead of sharing my faith, resources and time
You see, the world definitely dark and that’s not hard to identify
And people are looking for some type of light
Because they know deep down inside
There has to be more to life, than living just to die

But If I just sit back, close my eyes and enjoy life
How will the blinders ever be removed from their eyes?
And how will they ever get a true sense of hope and joy in this life
You see, changing the world
Starts with genuinely caring and investing in just one person’s life
That’s why every day that I open my eyes
I pray that I would see the world through the Father’ eyes,
a softening of my heart and a clear mind
so that I can see the pain and hurt in others’ eyes
Because I learned that this life is not mine
And this life is not about I
I’m tired of just standing by, acting like I’m blind
And don’t see that the world is dying
In desperate need of experiencing the love of Christ

Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL