Neutral Zone by Dave

Mama always told me not to choose sides in this world

Because us humans only look from personal eyes in this world
There are two stories yet I refrain to choose some
But now because of human nature you can only choose one
I mean I'm pretty neutral cause I see from both eyes
That families are separated by division of sides
There's one fact that seems explicit I'm sure
Is that to be male of a certain color isn't easy no more
But besides that..we live in war now and the troubles ignited
How can we live in separation yet we say we're United's pretty truthful and clearly a shame
In a society where people point their fingers to blame
We're always looking for who the victim is who?
Well was there really any reason for the person to shoot?
Can I ask it hard to look at one or the other?
Humans can't look at each other and say that's a human my brother
My sister..understand that nobody should die
So RIP to all the guys that should've been here alive
Look he shouldn't have disobeyed man well he shouldn't have killed
Can we just stop with all the violence that we're seeing for real?
All I want is for peace to be made sudden
NO HUMAN BEING should be going through all this judgement
I don't care if you're the victim,the suspect,people or whoever you are..
When are we going to realize that everybody was wrong...