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  • My Pride & Joy

    Once a little chocolate drop
    Walking, running, jumping, plop!
    I, her mother, and her pop
    Wishing "Terrible-Two's" to stop

    Time for school, oh what a stage
    Looking like a precious jade
    Interacts with kids her age
    Hurries home to show good grades

    Now the jump-rope has it's turn
    Freeze Tag, Hop-Scotch, hand games burn
    Barbies, and card games to learn
    Every point she'll have to earn

    Suddenly, a boy appears
    She hadn't noticed him all year
    Now he's charming and sincere
    And her tummy feels all weird

    Puppy love soon takes it's hold
    Her heart's too small for such a load
    I notice as her life unfolds
    My pride and joy is getting old