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Life's Highways

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  • Life's Highways

    Life's highways are far and wide
    Traffic approaches on every side
    One minute, traffic's flowing smoothly
    The next it's still, and hardly moving

    You're caught up in life's traffic jam
    You hit the brakes with a screeching slam
    You seek an exit all about
    You've driven in and can't get out

    You secure your belt, and adjust your seat
    More trouble you are bound to meet
    'Cause life's highways have twists and turns
    Which could cause you to crash and burn

    You survived the crash but you're still lost
    A familiar path you have not crossed
    Your friends are going different ways
    You struggle not to go astray

    Then from within, a lighted map
    A friend whose always had your back
    Guides your heart, and hands, and feet
    Your destination's on this street

    You made it home, you're safe and sound
    That friend was good to have around
    You learn to trust that inner guide
    And find your MAP for LIFE INSIDE!