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    She stabbed a cig in her lips, just to sip the smoke
    as I tripped off the second-hand secrecy, she spoke.
    I was choked up; I couldn’t cough-out a comeback,
    for comfort as she drew a new one from the pack.

    Those ivory black irises lacked pigment
    They looked as bleak as the stars in the distance,
    or was it just a figment of my inhibitions?
    Or an innocent incident that kicked in my skepticism?

    But in an instant my instincts clicked in again.
    It was getting late so we made our way down the bend
    and in the end my intent was never met
    but she did teach me something that I’ll never forget.

    She said, "A habit is a habit; somehow we gotta have it,
    I know it may be tragic but somehow we gotta have it.
    A habit is a habit; somehow we gotta have it
    and someday, we’ll drag it down to our caskets."

    © Matthew “Outtatune” Harlovic