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    river stones

    troubles are like stones within a river.
    they seem to disrupt the waters way,
    our life progresses upon its course
    as rushing waters do toward the bay.

    the current ever strives straightly forward.
    'tis the stones that force it to ascend,
    to turn, to swirl in contemplation.
    without stones, the waters' flow would end.

    water would sit and soak the earth
    and would stagnate in every hole.
    it would teem with vile and wretched waste
    that slowly devour its sacred soul.

    just as life might sour with apathy
    if left to sit and wait for calmer days,
    or as it may decay in vain wastefully
    as joyful uncertainties bleed away.

    stones may seem to disrupt the water's way
    and hinder the mission of its massive force,
    but in truth, 'tis the stones which decides the way
    and leads the water down its destined course.

    every river travels a different path
    until as one, they spill into the sea
    where the waters come together combined
    and from trouble stones, are at last set free.

    just as all souls flow together as one
    and are eventually merged and combined
    into the ocean of lives, the final quietus,
    where each with every other, is forever entwined.


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