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    Tell Avalon

    Tell Avalon, and ask her what this means.
    She whispered once to me in a dream.
    She came perhaps by angels of the deep,
    who did gently flutter down into my sleep
    to gently lie her secret words within my soul,
    but what they mean, I still don’t know.

    I see you always searching as you pray.
    Tell her, if you find her along your way.
    tell Avalon to please forgive me,
    for I truly don’t know. Who is she?
    Does she reside upon that mountain high,
    or in the mansion that glides upon the sky?

    I heard a great king once did come to her,
    after great injury and shame he did endure.
    He had come to rescue his people from sin.
    Avalon saved, healed and sent him home again,
    home from the island where the apples grow,
    home from where, none could truly know.

    If Avalon could save the king’s great reign,
    then she could end your saddening pain.
    She could release your demons again;
    make them flow free from broken skin.
    In dark chasms where they are residing,
    shake them from their cowardly hiding.

    Sometimes I think I have seen Avalon
    in the questions of my youthful son,
    or in the joys that lie within your eyes,
    or on the breeze that blows across the skies.
    Sometimes I see her, a fading mist.
    If only an eternity there could be of this.

    Other times her love must be concealed,
    because I doubt that she is even real.
    I see darkness where her face should be,
    and emptiness steals any warmth from me.
    Demons stand with grand applause,
    when despair rides upon with no due cause.

    But you know her, and see her shape.
    From her watching, you have no escape.
    You must have ties with the sublime
    and speak to her from time to time.
    you could tell all that needs be said.
    Tell her more truth than tears be shed.

    Tell her about your broken heart.
    Tell her when you do depart,
    and rise to that realm above.
    As she breaths you in with love,
    Tell her to embrace me too,
    so that my life might alight with you.

    Though I might wonder lost,
    I can bare despair, but not the cost
    of being parted with my one.
    So I shall follow till my soul is done,
    Follow till I am held down,
    and Avalon’s army forces me back around.

    Then as I awaken, I forget.
    and all that’s left is the silhouette
    of her soul, her face, her scent,
    just a phantom trace of her descent.
    Tell her I listened, for a moment I knew,
    eternity in a moment, and then It was through.

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