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  • butterflies


    spinning wind wishes them in
    circling, spiralling about the luscious gusts
    they see, smell, know only each other
    the world is a smudge upon a blur

    but what else should there be
    upon their delicate path
    like a falling swirling spider's web
    circling down into the dark

    spinning, fixed upon a phantom joint
    between them and equal space apart
    making love at an inch's length
    no tattered wings or tangled will

    rising pillows of warm domes
    carry them up and out into view
    I was there and by a breath,
    a chance, I saw and now remember

    the world was focused, delineated, uninspiring
    I saw the leaves, the limbs, all the tiny things
    All in proper places behind them
    those two whom none noticed, save me

    and they whirl out upon the drive
    as cars and people pass them by
    careless? No thought of perils?
    or do they love beyond reason

    time will take them now
    could it be they know
    choosing to end in terms of bliss
    at the pinnacle of purpose?