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EDUCATION - RhymeZone 2014-2015 Poetry Prize entries

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  • EDUCATION - RhymeZone 2014-2015 Poetry Prize entries

    Educated to be a hand in the field
    That never reaped what it sowed;
    Educated to lie, distort and steal,
    And pay debts that never were owed.

    Educated like a monkey with a cup,
    Like a tree to drop fruit when it’s shaken;
    Educated to prop a vicious system up,
    And be silent when freedoms are taken.

    Educated like a dog, to run and fetch,
    To roll over, to stand and to yield,
    Mis-education fostered a wretch
    Expensive designer clothes can’t conceal.

    To protect and alert with bark and yelp,
    Vampires of European royalty,
    To hinder the masses, rather than help,
    And exhibit the blindest loyalty.

    Educated like a plantation slave
    To work for crumbs and never to groan,
    To labor for others, from cradle to grave,
    And to pay an unfair student loan!

    Educated as an example to the race
    With a job, occupation, profession,
    Mimicking like monkeys the style and taste
    Of cultures of capitalist oppression!

    Educated to procure finances,
    Taught to stand above the poor hungry mob,
    Taught not to question circumstances
    When less qualified slaves get the job.

    Educated to aspire to the highest,
    To join the Elite’s private pale steeple,
    To become the most vicious, the slyest,
    And never to unite with the people!

    With dreams much less than imperial,
    Knowing not what it means to be free,
    Striving for meaningless material,
    Dumbed-down, decorated with a degree!

    Programmed well with learned helplessness,
    Educated to think one has knowledge;
    With pompous arrogance to not confess
    The sheer uselessness of four years in college!