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  • The Happy Coat

    It has been raining for days. Cold days and nights we have had. The weather reports seem to have become more important than all the news of the globe.
    I do not have a coat and I have been looking for one for days.
    Now I am hanging around the market. There are scrap and second-hand clothes for many coats in so many colors, shapes, and styles.
    Now I have made my mind,
    I choose this black coat;
    Two holes in each pocket,
    two absent buttons;
    But it is a coat - my coat...
    Some body else's ancient coat.
    (Between brackets...)
    (...when we buy something, we give it our coat!!!)
    I do not know why I chose that very coat...I do not know why I felt so happy when I tried it on...From that moment on I decided to call it THE HAPPY COAT..
    One question:
    Why do we accept to wear someone else's clothes even though we know that they consist (the clothes) the sweat, identity, history, of someone we never know????
    May be this is due to that human desire to own things....
    Clothes reworn...
    Widows remarried...
    Books reread...
    Dreams renewed...