always standing under something.

A whole history
designed to
hold definition,
and to develop
mystery with
intuitive resolution.
We are divine and
feel so inclined
to explain everything
in due time,
accepting that misery
preludes a revolution.

Theories we nurture
in theory we fight,
only to give credibility
when viewed in hindsight.
When knowledge is attained
we bring it to light,
though roughly explained
(and questionably right).

If someone was
tipped off
to the apocalypse
tick tock,
let them arrive
before they knock.
Let them have our attention
before they talk,
as such crucial information
must never be mocked.

Is it just me or
are you too shocked?
Do you see the ambition
of those who flock?
To take a position
and turn into rock
until something
better suiting
induce's the flip-flop.

What matters the most
is that our minds
are made up.
The reasoning behind
our minds make
is not.