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A Radical Awakening

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  • A Radical Awakening

    at age twenty six life turned upside down
    came to understand things beyond any noun

    commonly held beliefs about what life is about
    shattered, and not leaving a speck of doubt

    nearly a full decade has now gone by
    when to the old me I had said goodbye

    couldn't even help it, spontaneously it happened
    four intense days, "The Truths of Life" was penned

    distanced myself from many a dear friend
    with no way to explain as holy writings I send

    ripe and ready, an unwitting empty vessel
    lost and purposeless, Spirit came to quell

    loving to serve, but having no clue what to do with my life
    most chase after a high paying job and a wife

    schooling and careers not really interesting me
    it's vividly clear now, they were never my destiny

    in my life a couple of spiritual books appeared
    towards higher consciousness I was being steered

    books containing things I'd never heard before
    of Oneness, Allness and Awareness evermore

    wondering, "where has this information always been?"
    it's no wonder when we're engrossed in society's machine

    ideas of what to pray for were intuited first
    sat mutely repeating them, I was immersed

    meditative prayer for the first time ever
    prayers came to fruition and changed me forever

    "please use me for the highest good of All"
    one of the wishes to the Lord did I call

    days go by, synchronicities start happening
    they keep building and building due to consenting

    bombarded with innumerable revelations and epiphanies
    so very many raining down like confetti

    jotting with pencil as fast as possible
    out of Silence they came, not from a brain cell

    full-blown understandings as fireworks exploding
    the whole process nothing short of mind-blowing

    intense meditative surrender to a higher Will
    an inadvertent piercing of the mystical veil

    separation between knower and known faded
    everything became clear what was formerly shaded

    the mind wholly turned in on itself as Awareness
    stripped of all conceptual thought in total bareness

    pure spotless Eternal Radiant Mind
    thoroughly beyond words, it can't be defined

    rock-solid Infinite Love as my true nature
    outside human experience, ineffably pure

    utter finality and completion just as Lao Tzu
    overcome yourself and there's nothing left to do

    inner permission arose to leave body and world
    also surrendered, no choice made, and away it whirled

    if the option had been chosen it would have wrought
    a body lying dead in a grocery store parking lot

    at the core of my being "I'm going to die!" came too
    this edge of Enlightenment I failed to follow through

    this wasn't bodily death, but the crux of my soul
    a final loss of separateness, merging into the whole

    my very essence extinguished caused some distress
    felt as though a drop into a void of complete nothingness

    "can't now, I'm at work, I'll do it later"
    the option thus refused—the ego is a traitor

    still new on the Path, and not aware of this occurrence
    a scarce teaching in great need of reappearance

    death of the individual ego self so extremely rare
    brought about by a "Please make me exactly as you are" prayer

    also asking, "spread your Love to All through me"
    the prayers listed here are prayers of nonduality

    later that evening walking down the mall
    experiencing indescribable bliss and oneness with all

    everyone and everything a fluid living sea
    Universal Consciousness as both you and me

    but ego crept back in believing it was Enlightened
    turns out consciousness only temporarily heightened

    a momentary samadhi can sometimes deceive
    if untold by a Master because our mind is naive

    ask enlightenment teachers today about their ego death
    don't even need to for their answer we can already guess

    are they right this moment experiencing Allness?
    the spiritual ego is crafty and teaches regardless

    if inspiration hits by all means share
    but state your current un-State or others you'll ensnare

    True Teachings are on a whole different level
    a powerful quieting effect, they silence the mental

    This, and the other poems I've submitted to the contest are part of an epic poem called "Love All-Knowing" that I've been writing the last several months. Eventually, the goal is to self-publish. I would like to take this chance to just say thank you to the folks at Rhymezone for having this website available for free use—it's been an invaluable resource!

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    Are you the fresh prince of Bel-Air?


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      That's just how it ended up coming out. Personally, I feel the simple format adds to the readability of it for those who might not normally be interested in poetry.