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Karma's Balancing Act

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  • Karma's Balancing Act

    the law of karma: you reap what you sow
    religions of East and West all say so

    chaos, luck, random events and accidents
    "no such thing" is a Mystic's two cents

    everything has an equal and similar reaction
    mind, body and tongue leading the direction

    always experimenting with my own life
    tested this teaching and with truth it's rife

    karma is easy to recognize when we say, think and do less
    connecting our prior doings with the results that coalesce

    living a life of much fuss and ado
    a whole lot of mess will soon be returning to you

    all is just and in automatic karmic balance
    in this universe nothing is ever up to chance

    that person we killed in our last life
    a debt to repay—accept it without strife

    much of man's history has been war and atrocity
    these deeds return and no one goes scot-free

    despite horrible violence all is in harmony
    all the world's a stage in this divine comedy

    in a specific place in the world, a person is born
    karmically inherited parents as you return

    it's all karma, all the time
    individually and collectively—of his, yours and mine

    in totality Divine Justice is unerringly precise
    unfolding spontaneously as an automatic device

    there is no god doling out reward and punishment
    according to our nature, a magnetically attracted fulfilment

    all acts are unacted acts of God
    involuntary, nonvolitional, uncaused

    life is occurring by Divine Providence and Grace
    manifesting from the Unmanifested outside time and space

    Judgment Day is transpiring karmically, every day
    the ebb and flow of impermanence, death and decay

    asking "how can God let awful things happen?"
    between karma and reincarnation there's no more to pen

    the question stems from believing He is a separate entity
    as opposed to understanding It is Everything Endlessly

    life is fair, but not according to separative views
    unknowingly, destinies are self-created as we choose

    infinitely complex, karma is exact and perfect
    if we don't see this it's because we project

    blaming, saying life's unfair and playing victim
    ego prefers outrage over surrendering to Him

    an infinite number of factors lead to each event
    there's no single cause of anything for us to resent

    deluded with anger we dig our own graves
    invisible shackles, we're not actually slaves

    indulging in negative behaviours and attitudes
    begets the same in kind while it further deludes

    life treats us according to our actions and belief
    thus reinforcing those beliefs to no relief

    there is no first cause, still, break the cycle
    abide in peaceful Silence or experience inner hell

    "others" are often a reflecting mirror shining back
    revealing to us what loads are left to unstack

    that which supports life is automatically supported
    the get-gain-obtain mentality can be safely aborted

    by being love we will always receive what we need
    sacrificing oneself isn't even a sacrificial deed

    deep reflection reveals the illusion of foes
    and oneness of all who are in life's throes

    the Allness of life a collective unity
    a radiant splendor of all-encompassing Divinity

    matters not what we do, but rather what we are
    love radiates in consciousness infinitely far

    there is no distance from here to there
    all is connected and love touches everywhere

    during all the body's doings be peaceful love
    changes the world in ways you can't even think of

    uplifting all mankind while living in a cave
    emanating Divinity in a constant cosmic shockwave

    I've prayerfully directed love to many a specific issue
    time and time again the results show all this to be true

    evolving in love and consciousness is the greatest gift
    it contributes to a worldwide spiritual shift

    This, and the other poems I've submitted to the contest are part of an epic poem called "Love All-Knowing" that I've been writing the last several months. Eventually, the goal is to self-publish. I would like to take this chance to just say thank you to the folks at Rhymezone for having this website available for free use—it's been an invaluable resource!
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