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The Oneness Experiment

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  • The Oneness Experiment

    did not Einstein mouth, reality is a persistent illusion?
    ultimately unreal is all this seeming division

    quantum physics should have altered everyone's views
    instead, continuing on as if there were no new news

    radical discoveries often take decades to catch on
    slowly consciousness shifts bringing forth a new dawn

    when testing, the placebo effect is always taken into account
    consciousness affecting reality is not something we discount

    science has long validated that mind alters "outer" reality
    in totality, nonduality and nonlocality are an actuality

    all Enlightened Beings and quantum physics agree
    this world is not real, and it's free for everyone to see

    the act of observing collapses the wave function
    from potential to actual—viewing sets a particle's position

    particles blink in and out of existence based on an observer
    the famed double-slit experiment will make many a believer

    physical reality emerging from Consciousness
    manifesting out from Unmanifested Awareness

    following science honestly, one is led inward too
    with zero biases, mind and reality seen as not-two

    Om-nipotent, Om-nipresent, Om-niscient, Om
    all is wholly undivided taught David Bohm

    physical reality a holographic illusion
    science says so—that's its conclusion

    the new science is within and up to you
    an experiment with loving prayer will do

    who cares what proofs others are uttering
    live it yourself or you know nothing

    make a cloud square shape in a oneness experiment
    repeat "thank you square cloud" with joyous grateful intent

    the results of this being easily duplicatable
    shows that a unitive conscious universe is no fable

    Native Americans have their time-tested rain dance
    a prayer to the Great Spirit resulting in watered plants

    everything is Consciousness, even the inanimate
    our life is fully a manifestation of mindset

    Consciousness is primary, matter is secondary
    living our lives as if it were the contrary

    what happened with this cloud is occurring at all times
    opinions, beliefs and emotions shaping your life's designs

    the implications of this are further still staggering
    there is zero separation between you and that thing

    where do "you" begin and "it" end?
    only Mind beyond mind can fully apprehend

    there is no "other" so All is Oneself
    Oneness means nonduality means All is Self

    there is only the One Mind as Self and God
    you'll see for yourself when dissolved is the mind's fog

    ceasing to be attached to the "i," "me" and "mine"
    Enlightenment is not the gaining of anything Divine

    already Everything, nothing to want or need
    forever perfectly whole and utterly freed

    nothing to get nor anything to lose
    not even Enlightenment—that's the ego's ruse

    abandoning the self and dropping its volition
    total surrender to an unknown condition

    Mind abiding in whole undivided unification
    where there is no longer any inkling of distinction

    all life is One and there's no self as other
    Self is All—with the concept of nonduality don't bother

    preoccupied with repetitious inner blabbing content
    obscuring overall context of Reality ever-present

    Truth exists prior to words and concepts
    without rest are man's mental constructs

    labelling, defining, explaining to no end
    existence just Is, I strongly contend

    "I Am That I Am," God revealed to Moses
    Suchness and Being as every Sage knows

    truth is so simple—there is only One
    that's it, no more, we're done

    the definition of Absolute is "unable to be changed"
    this evolutionary world leaves us short-changed

    the word "God" is not God, "Zen" is not Zen
    stop the chatter and experience it then

    putting a final end to theorizing and intellectualizing
    Divinity is right here and now Living

    bliss profound, high on the Infinite I
    the Eternal Self has always been nigh

    caught up in life's external woes
    denying the exquisiteness under our nose

    have no questions, seek no answers
    confusion is an illusion that blurs

    constantly opting for lives of separation
    the individual self merely an apparition

    an erroneous identification due to egoic insistence
    masking, obstructing and limiting Divine effulgence

    This, and the other poems I've submitted to the contest are part of an epic poem called "Love All-Knowing" that I've been writing the last several months. Eventually, the goal is to self-publish. I would like to take this chance to just say thank you to the folks at Rhymezone for having this website available for free use—it's been an invaluable resource!
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