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    Innocent Life

    Angelic face, innocent eyes…
    How do I break through her life-learned disguise?
    Some think a devil lives within this beautiful shell,
    But they’ve had a life while she lived in hell.

    Malnutrition and hunger were her everyday fate,
    No one to protect her from mom’s drugged-out dates;
    Violence and anger, no childhood, no fun,
    She had no one to help her and no one to trust.

    At four she was rescued from all she had known,
    She came to live with me as her new foster home;
    I was told many things this little girl had endured,
    Over time I’ve learned more in just listening to her.

    Now she calls me mommy with kisses and hugs,
    And adoption will soon make a family of us;
    And yet there are things I and counselors can’t seem to break through,
    Stealing, manipulation—behaviors keep starting anew.

    After all of these years I can’t make her understand,
    That I’ll never hurt her or let harm come her way again;
    My seven-year-old angel too wise for her years,
    Misbehaves from past knowledge, that life and her fears.

    It isn’t always easy to deal with some of the things this child does,
    She'll find her way as she recognizes and finds comfort with love.