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  • Peculiar Perception

    I write lyrics for rap, so it may not be the style everyone here is used to. Oh well. Here ya go.

    As I gaze upon the stars and contemplate my place
    I experience a sense of infinite space
    Separate from this vessel become intimate with infinity
    not quite but close, mere inches from divinity
    Jerked back into the limitations of physical perception
    Imagination turbulent to the finite reception
    Inception of desire for understanding
    Spark an idea and the fallout is commanding
    Curiosity ravenous never truly satisfied
    Ignorance creates a waste of a perfectly good mind

    I awoke from an amazing dream
    where everything was just as it seemed
    everyone was happy, everyone was free
    and not one person was ever in need
    Open my eyes, and the shackles are fastened
    Rubbed raw, my resolve is dampened
    An ignorant perception is carefully fashioned
    so one never asks how it happened
    Why is the enlightened path is so dark
    I feel like a seal swimming with sharks

    Carefully Inoculate your consciousness
    Violate what previously thought obvious
    Stipulate evidence of each hypothesis
    Eradicate the restraints of incompetence
    From within the cubicle I'm staring at the walls
    Questions come crashing down like waterfalls
    How can I know anything if I don't know how I think
    All of our thoughts exist in the minds precinct
    Unmapped, intangible, completely undefined
    Do I see the real or just creations of the mind

    One man’s miracle is another man’s coincidence
    Preconceptions are the instruments of ignorance
    Our bias will deny us the true nature of exisitence
    Internal dissonance product of this sickness
    Cursed with intelligence, because the truth I may never know
    Quest for cognizance is bottomless, until the coffin's closed
    It's wonderful thing, your reality, i agree
    I'd sing you a lullaby, but you're already asleep
    Alteast I know this much I’ll find peace in death
    But until that day struggle accompanies breath