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Change: 2014-2015 Poetry Contest Entry

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  • Change: 2014-2015 Poetry Contest Entry

    He walks the school interior hoping to make it through the day,
    Without hearing all of the terrible things that people always say.

    He's bullied everyday, and at home it just gets worse. His parents are always fighting, they scream and they curse.

    His home life is rough, the kids at school just don't understand. The words that they say are becoming out of hand.

    He feels as if nobody believes in him, he feels as if he is alone, but thousands of kids go through similar things, he isn't on his own.

    If only he knew this, if only someone told him that they cared, he wouldn't feel so devastated, he wouldn't be as scared.

    Nobody is willing to stand up for him, even though some know it's wrong. He won't be able to hold on forever, he wont always be as strong.

    We need to make a change, or we are all just as guilty. Watching people be torn down, and never saying anything should make us all feel filthy.

    Once he has had enough, and nobody offers any assistance, he decides this has been enough and eliminates his own existence.

    Society has taught us since we were young to keep self-harm and suicide in silence, but hiding what truly goes on behind the victim's closed doors, that is the true violence.

    Humans causing other humans so much emotional distress that they harm themselves or take their lives is a tragedy we can no longer ignore and suppress.

    Just because the bullies didn't pull a trigger and place a gun to their victim's heads, doesn't mean they are not murderers, considering they caused a death.

    We've got to make a change and it will only work if we join together, so let's all help to stop bullying and make the world a little better.