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"The Vacant Path" Written By - Thomas Richmond

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  • "The Vacant Path" Written By - Thomas Richmond

    On the vacant path I walked,
    Where shadows formed the day to dark.
    I don't know why I ventured there,
    Perhaps to stray from strangers stares.

    I'd tread my feet steadily,
    Aware, with care, a melody.
    A quiet place to reflect,
    To battle the past that resurrects.

    I don't always understand,
    Why life unfolds in things unplanned.
    To question that of fates affairs,
    When things would break beyond repair. . .

    On the vacant path I roamed,
    To seek, to find, on my own.
    To understand what life means,
    And found the beauty in things unseen.

    Now I walk with my head held high,
    No longer asking how or why.
    Passion lightens a weighted heart,
    And the fire burns the dark apart.

    The vacant path, the way I chose,
    The vacant path, where no one goes.
    The darkened place where I found,
    That I understand my purpose now.

    --- Thomas Richmond (Rict)
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