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    I live in the forest far away,
    where birds and trees forever sway.
    Day and night i sing and pray
    that good deeds do pay… off.

    I cannot take this anymore ,
    my feelings crushed, my heart is sore,
    My worthless life becomes obscure,
    What a somber life for a monster.

    I light up my last cigarette,
    my soul no longer feels regret,
    my body is all but alive
    to death, suicide my own will arrive.

    My throat no longer swallows guilt,
    blue blood scuds through my wilted veins,
    i jilt the love of a flower
    what a mournful life for a monster.

    Bipolar is what most birds refer me to,
    my voice is considered a sibling of the wind.
    A confused whisper makes me think i sined,
    no one cares what i think nor who i am.

    Who understands me, who understands you.