Prelude to a New Beginning
Postlude to an end
This story is not one you skim
It is one you read again
But what is better than reading
Than living out the book?
For every story told
Could have been a path you took
My occupation is an author
I write this life of mine
Like a performer on the stage
It is known by heart - Line for line
If you are not happy with your life
Transcribe a brand new page
Then like a script to a play
Act it out “on stage”
Sometimes you do not know
What it is that you desire
You might live a couple pages
Then burn them in the fire
It is the climax of the story
That draws the reader in
That sustains your audience
Until they have read the end
Have you ever read a story
That does not have an epilogue?
The pages never end
Like an infinite prologue
You just cannot stop reading
You cannot put down my book
You will want to write yourself in
Just to say you had partook
But until I cast your role
The show must go on!
Reality is the stage
That I am acting on