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  • Offensive album cover

    Each new day brings a brand new dawn/ Whatcha mean I look like I would be an ex-con/ I don't know what would provoke you to say such a thing/ Judge an album by its cover, you'll miss the song that I sing...
    I shoot up heroin, I once beat a little kid/ I didn't stab that old lady, but I know who did/ I dropped a chick, straight broke her nose/ 'cause she was runnin' her mouth, and that's the way that goes/ A guy looked at me once, and he never did again/ because I stuck him in the neck with a ballpoint pen/ I changed his life in a New York minute/ I once burned up a cab with the cabbie still in it/ I kicked a kid off his bike just so I could get a ride/ to sell meth on the corner in the wild west-side/ I sold that meth, that death, all day/ Eight to eighty, as long as they could pay/ except for the ladies, they didn't need money/ I'd do a straight sex-trade, some drugs for some honey/ I've felt the rise and fall of alcohol/ I hit a woman with a bottle in a bar-room brawl/ I broke a waiter's wrist for reachin' over my plate/ and if you're not my same color, you get nothin' but hate/ I cheated on my wife with my sister-in-law/ and I transported cocaine from Bogota/ I cheated on my taxes the only time I did taxes/ I vacation down in Texas where my boyfriend relaxes/ I got AIDS from a needle, and trich from a trick/ Leave me and your girl alone, I'll pass 'em to her real quick/ I have no loyalty to you, man I don't even know your name/ and I have no honor, no pride and no shame/ But before you choose which of these is the worst/ and which one would make you leave my life first/ because I understand there's one thing that would make you walk away/ Just be sure it's not the one that you're doing today...

    Some of this is true, and some of it is not/ Some I didn't do and some I didn't get caught/ but it feels better judging others...for our own guilt it pleases/ Call me all the names you want, I'm called "forgiven" by Jesus...