You said you'd never hurt me, that you'd never make me cry
but I bet you said the same thing to every other guy...

When you cross that line, and go just beyond "friend"
that exact moment is the beginning of the end
I should've left you after the first night we shared a few sips
What shade of lie was that you left on my lips
You started calling my name every now and then
Teenage love, don't hurt me again
What were the reasons I couldn't leave you alone
You just kept coming around when I broke off on my own
like it was all unintentional, just a sudden surprise
and I would always take you back because I believed your lies
The first time we kissed should've been the very last
but in the heat of passion I fell way too fast
I fell for the way that you made me feel
and I fell for the way that you kept it real
but what I shouldn't have fallen for was the pain you put me through
and all the hurt and the fear that I caused because of you
Everybody warned me don't try my luck with you
They said a one-night stand doesn't mean I'm stuck with you
but I knew I couldn't leave you, even if I tried
I was convinced that I needed you deep down inside
but you never needed me, you just led me to believe
so I believed what I believed and I believed I'd never leave
I hated loving you as much as I loved hating you
A dysfunctional love...yet a love so true
and you knew from the get not to let me forget
that I came onto you the first night we met
Like I was obligated to you, that I could never walk away
and to this very day I don't know what made me stay
Your company was intoxicating, you seemed to put me in a trance
I remember the times together when we were alone, when we would dance
and you'd fall asleep in my arms, I'd fall asleep to your charms
but too many times I'd wake to siren alarms
Locked away, locked away, another day brokenhearted
In jail with no bail for some problems that you started
Every time, every crime, every rhyme was about you
In every note I ever wrote I always said that we were through
and when I'd first get out, I would push you away
but we were always back together by the end of the day
BECAUSE I LOVED YOU...but I'll never love you again
I finally realized you're the same with all the men
Funny how some things never change, I still see you around town
but you know what, I've changed, and you're not bringing me down
I thought I couldn't live without you, that without you I would fall
but here I stand, so understand...I don't need you, alcohol

You said we'd be together until the day that I die
and I bet you say the same thing to every other guy...