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South Side of Sixty

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  • South Side of Sixty

    South Side of Sixty
    I’ve now reached the age of understanding,
    Amazed I arrived without crash landing.
    Few are the dreams still left from youth,
    But deep inside I’ve found my truth.
    Age stripped away what youth dressed up,
    With rose-colored glasses and Dixie cup,
    Full of Boone Farm’s bottom-shelf stock.
    Advice that was given was such a crock.
    Mistakes I made, they were aplenty,
    Married with child before I was twenty.
    A mother instead of a flower-child,
    Gone were my dreams of running wild.
    I wasn’t the best, but the best I could be,
    A child in the big world, lost at sea.
    Never a victim, but survivor at heart,
    Must be responsible for my life’s chart.
    I listened to others and of their success,
    Learned I am no better, nor am I less.
    Today I am just fine with who I am,
    Or “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn!”

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    Consistent, throbbing rhythm describing one's evolution and aging. The closing phrase from "Gone with the Wind," is quite interesting.