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  • The world around me

    ~Written from the perspective of a 15 year old, minority, public housing, male understanding what's going on around him, and wanting to change it.~

    "THE WORLD AROUND ME" By Jordan Perry

    They told me just one hit and I would see a bigger picture
    I declined
    They felt inclined to put a mixture of liquor in the pitcher
    So I left thirsty
    Do they really think it hurts me that my vision isn't blurry?

    Am I wrong cause I'd rather be rapping
    than holding my nose, cause I'm at a party where the neighboor hood hoes booty is clapping?
    And now she's scrappin'
    Wow, I wonder what happened
    Not reall, we all know she can't handle being called out on her actions

    Ghetto Ghetto Ghetto, all I see around me
    I ain't got no J's, So they try to clown me
    I was thrown into the struggle, but I won't let it drown me
    Pops told me I'm a king, so I'm 'gon make them crown me

    Can't complain cause I was never picked on in class
    But I was voicless cause I was never picked on in class
    Well, maybe I had one bully,
    But I flipped the script on his-
    Wait a minute,
    I think I'm smelling "skunk" outside my window
    I should close it before my mom thinks I did it
    No Winslow
    I would of said Urckle, but it wasn't his show,
    and it didn't rhyme anyway, so, you know

    I wasn't born to do anything but rap
    I get scared when I walk by "The Trap"
    on my way to the court where I don't belong
    But I'm a clean shot when It comes to having people singing along

    Nowadays they think I'm soft just cause I'm "Lightskin,"
    but I bet if I showed the world what I'm capable of, they'd be frightened
    That's not my goal
    I'm just trying to enlighten

    The darkness I'm trying to vicissitude is my generation
    They need to see the possibilities of endless creation
    But they prefer spending money they don't have
    just to step out in some new shoes and see who's "hatin"

    Now yall sellin' drugs,
    All teachers see is felons, thugs,
    and the occasioanl strippa'
    what's going on with ya?

    Yeah, I know I wanna be a rapper
    Its sounds typical
    But I was sent with a message, and although it seems biblical,
    It isn't
    its just traditional
    its what you say before you flip the game like a reciprocal
    now is it cool if I get real egotistical?
    too bad, I'm tired of being invisible

    They ask "how come out of nowhere you started merkin"
    Well, I got a little sister, I don't want her twerkin'
    plus, mom's tired, I no longer want her workin'
    So I gotta put work in to make sure my wealth is certain

    For some reason everybody wanna be a baller
    Well, I do too, but I don't think I'm getting any taller
    My grandmother be feeling lonely, I'm thinking I should call her
    She asked me "how's school going?" I'm thinking I should stall her

    See, I don't like school, It wasn't built for me
    but when a relative asks I say "Yeah, strictly A's and B's"
    when really my grades are slipping
    But I ain't even tripping
    I was built for mic ripping
    that's why all I see (C) is D's
    But I ain't dropping out
    I started making music already, so I ain't stopping now

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      Agenda I freakin love this! You need some love for this trove I'm gonna try and share where you get it.. If I can I hope you don't mind...


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        It's a good poem, I like the way it's written. Have you tried the SMM? You would be good at writing posts, I think. My friend started his career in this field two years ago, created his blog and started sharing his creativity regularly. Now there are many ways to promote your blogs or your creativity: SEO, digital Agency, social networks, the main thing choose what you are given better


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          So far that's my favourite poem on this site.