Looking down from the cross at the top of the hill
his head hung in sorrow as some sinners will
but this man was shameless; was without sin
yet the guilt of the whole world had been placed upon him.

the people stood laughing; it was such a sad sight
somehow mankind turned wrong into right.
Save yourself someone yelled...mighty the king of the Jews
a fake, nothing more; now that’s the real news.

but looking down from the cross at the top of the hill
the man they called Jesus completed God’s will
the crowd stood in darkness when he took his last breath
not one even noticed he gave life by his death.
Their party was over as greed filled their eyes
They fought for possessions to no one’s surprise

Placed self before glory it was taken in stride
As evil took over and numbed from inside
A mans’ who they saw; twas just a facade
They just couldn’t see Jesus, a God

yes, sin had took over and eyes had grown dim
They just couldn’t see the light shining in him.
This man they call Jesus to them now was dead
A cold tomb of stone was made for his bed

Something magical happened upon the third day
With guards in his presence, the stone rolled away.
And now there were questions; fear, even doubt
The grave site is empty, how did Jesus get out?

They came up with answers, all human of course
To hide from the truth and cover remorse
Someone stole the body, we saw this man die
They couldn‘t say how, they couldn’t say why

Then Jesus returned just as prophesized
Nail scars still upon him; a wound in his side
He wasn’t angry, he only showed love
And spoke of a home existing above

He beckoned the people, answer my call
And share in the glory meant for us all.
The gates are now open, the home God will fill
By the man they call Jesus, who died on the hill.

Odessa Mo.
Dianna Rowlett
Dec 2010