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"Black Girl" - Rhyme Zone Poetry Contest (Theme: Understanding)

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  • leekuk
    Poetry isn't always as personal as we might surmise; is it not fictiion? Can we address the contents of the poem without addressing the poet's identity? Your comment is appreciated, but I'd love to hear from the poetess.

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  • Osirus
    She may not wish to be accepted as someone of celebrity status
    From your list of impressive personae dramatis
    When it would be enough
    To accept her as ECuff

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  • leekuk
    A most interesting and obviously a therapeutic write. I was less interested in what was said than I was in how it was said. You employed good images, and imagery could have been better, and I wonder regarding its structure and clarity of its theme. How does the speaker wish to be accepted? As a Eartha Kitt, a Josephine Baker, or a Condoleeza? Or as a Frances Harper, an Angela Davis, or as a Nina Simone?

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  • "Black Girl" - Rhyme Zone Poetry Contest (Theme: Understanding)

    “Black Girl”

    This child blackened
    By the earth
    Does not belong to you,
    You can no longer
    Keep her inside
    The white lines
    Your color-blind lies.
    She has lost more
    Than she ever had
    The opportunity to Love.
    And the truth behind
    The color of her skin
    Will never rightfully be hers.
    Her entire broken-being
    Has super glued
    Together all the jagged
    Little pieces of fuckery
    To use.
    This is gonna be a good one, she says.
    She can feel it all over her
    And under her nails like
    The dead skin she
    Scraped off of the surface
    Trying to be white enough
    To look like you –
    To be accepted in the society
    She perished in
    Her whole entire life;
    Trying to blend
    Into the white walls
    Her in
    As a child –
    Continuing her
    Crowded claustrophobia;
    Trying to force herself to fit
    Like a broken puzzle piece.
    Branded by cross-examinations –
    From the Blonde Hairs and Blue Eyes
    Who reminded her constantly
    That she was a
    Black blotched stranger
    Dotted on discolored newspaper.
    She: The little black girl among white girls.
    She: The “Why is your hair so tough?” girl.
    The “Why is your skin so brown and dark?”
    And “Why are you so black, girl?”
    Black girl, black girl -
    We want to make you crack, girl
    So you can understand
    Why you need to turn your back, girl.
    That girl?
    She lived long enough,
    Just to make it out
    And now she is wrong for embracing
    Life as a black girl?
    Her unrelated, achromatic kin
    Will never match her identically.
    And they will never
    Hear her screaming
    That she will never be back, girl.
    One day –
    Maybe they will try to understand
    That no matter who she is,
    She will never be
    That girl.