Unbound Understanding

The past haunts some like a ghost
Like a mansion abandoned for years
Shadows move quietly through the dark
The reason not totally clear

Tattered furniture covered by sheets
Cobwebs hang all around
Windows broken and opaque
The door makes a creaking sound

The mantle is cracked and worn
It’s been years since the fireplace was lit
Old logs crumble on the hearth
Ashes fill the old stone pit

Water slowly drips from the ceiling
A cold rain has made its way in
Like tears from the eyes of the broken
The home is weeping from within

Abandoned on a dead end street
No need to trim back the rose
The garden is withered and dead
Leaves blow past the walkway stones

Two strangers stand in the doorway
Their breath marks the air with a mist
The darkness need cause them no fear
They share a gentle brief kiss

Their long coats are tattered and torn
Puddles mark the floor at their feet
They cautiously look inside
The old house is empty and discrete

Weary they enter in silence
Understanding the load they each carry
Secrets are yet to be told
Heartaches they try to keep buried

She gently sits on the sofa
Expecting the heat from a fire
He places the wood on the grate
Then waits for the warmth they desire

He pulls her into his arms
He gently strokes her wet hair
She lays her head on his shoulder
And they both fall asleep sitting there

Are we like the abandoned old mansion
Where memories haunt us for years?
Regrets are stacked high like books on a shelf
And the cold rain is just like our tears

Find peace in the warmth of the fire
And understand the face of your love
A house is made of wood and brick
But the foundation of a home comes from above

Shadows need not cause you fear
Just light the candle and kneel down
Peace comes from trusting in God
And finally understanding you’re unbound.

Sherbie Hudgins
White House, Tennessee