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  • Where are you Jesus

    Where are you Jesus, I no longer want to wait,
    I'm ready to go home my impatience is growing great.
    You see I pray everyday but my depression still grows,
    For I am still lost in the inside but my face doesn't show.
    I have put on a mask it always makes me smile,
    but behind this mask is still a person in denial.

    Where are you Jesus, I no longer want to wait.
    I'm dying inside and it's deplenishing at a steady rate.
    I go to church and I use to praise and worship like a saint.
    Now I watch my praising and worshipping getting very faint.
    You see I am having a good time at church until I get home.
    That's when I become isolated, distance, and left alone.
    I'm back into reality which is a constant battle with my mind.
    It seems like a fixed fight because it wins every time.

    Where are you Jesus, I no longer want to wait,
    the right decisions are hard and I'm tired of making mistakes.
    The whole world is moving forward and I am standing still.
    It makes me question success is it even real.
    Of course it's real, to everyone besides me.
    How can I have faith with so much disbelief.
    I help people out, so quick to lend a helping hand.
    Yet when I'm down no assists from my fellow man.

    Where are you Jesus, I no longer want to wait,
    I just want to sleep no longer be awake. The stress is building up, I can no longer carry the weight.
    Depression, confusion, and troublesome is my current state.

    Where are you son, for I have never left your side.
    See when the storm gets rough it's you who run and hides.
    I hear your prayers, I just want you to increase your faith.
    You can accomplish more if you just seek my face.
    If I was to come now son, you wouldn't be ready.
    You need to remain in my word and make sure you stay steady.

    Where are you son, you must put your mind to rest.
    You see you can't have a testimony without going through the test.
    You say you have faith in me but your actions just don't show.
    Push yourself further in my word and your faith shall surely grow.
    For I have promised you riches, and you know I can not lie.
    But your desire is in earthly riches, what I have is reserved for you when you die. Not to die physically but to die to your flesh.
    So I can allow the Holy Spirit to come in and you be at your best.

    Where are you son, I never left you from the start.
    I see your praises but are they coming from your heart.
    You say you give to others but I made the ultimate sacrifice.
    To pay for your sins I laid upon the cross and died.
    I'm giving you time to get it together for I will be here soon.
    So as I look down from the heavens, I ask three words where are you?