The thought of death intrigues me
I am not afraid to die
But I’d like to go to heaven
When it’s my time to say goodbye

I enjoy the study of the evil things
Like the devil, demons and death
But I can’t wait to sit by the Lord
When he finally decides to take my last breath

I don’t know why I find it curious
To read about people brutally killed
And yet I still read my Bible almost daily
So I’ll be saved when the rapture is fulfilled

On my knees every night
To God above I faithfully pray
Asking for help and guidance
As his commandments I try to obey

I know he hears my nightly prayers
And he forgives me for my sins
Understanding that no one’s perfect
And through prayer his love begins

He understands my morbid curiosity
It’s part of human nature
As long as my hands are not stained with blood
He’ll understand and keep me free from danger