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  • Coffin

    It's a little hard to swallow the facts, because I can't avoid what they are telling me.
    I'd rather listen to what the mass says, because their voice seems to be compelling me.
    As they each tell a story, detailed from a forgotten childhood.
    I wanna reach out and feel the emotion, if only I could.
    Nonetheless, it's all so beautiful, but the vibes are not too vibrant.
    It seems they all just want to speak, and yet, they each remain silent.
    I'm not the best at watching from a higher angle, but I seem to have no other option.
    Plus, it's the best place to see myself positioned in the coffin.
    I know death isn't all that great, but I understand my life had meaning behind it.
    We all walk this planet with a purpose, we all just need to find it.