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  • Hard

    Hard to find strength in so much pain
    Hard to make it through nothing but rain
    Hard to hang on when the walls are caving in
    Hard to stay strong with her patience running thin
    Hard to believe others may never understand
    Hard to accept things don't always go as planned
    Hard to fake a smile when she's hurting inside
    Hard to carry on but still she tried

    Brittany S. Wright
    Atlanta, Georgia

  • #2
    It is hard to carry on
    But hard times will make you stronger
    And when you make it through
    You know you can hold on a little longer
    The walls are caving in
    And life seems too much to bear
    But I can see the strength in you
    Just know that someone cares
    I do not know where you are
    But souls do not know distance or space
    As we were taught in science class
    We can still find solace without being face to face


    • brittlilbit
      brittlilbit commented
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      Wow. I am just now seeing this, but it really made my day. I like it a lot. Thank you!