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  • Understanding (P.P.E)

    Years have passed..
    All we do is ask
    Was it really worth it ?
    Throughout our past, who'd thought we last
    In a relationship that wasn't perfect
    When your heart is hurting
    You can't help but start the searching
    You can't help but start the flirting
    Thinking was this the right person?
    To settle down..
    The devil meddles in my mental now
    He revels in how
    Quick we tend to just forget vows
    He takes a bow
    Then brings us another level down
    But there's only so much I can allow
    Cause right here and now
    I'm fed up !
    Thinking about just forget us
    I'm trying to just keep my head up
    Not regret the day we met up
    Dead us!
    But if your heart hasn't let up
    And you still believe in forever..
    Can we still be together ?
    Since I never got the pleasure
    To treasure, the moments we shared
    Several emotions I hold dear
    Hoping, that I won't shed a tear..
    But it's hopeless, because what is broken can't be repaired..
    If you haven't noticed
    This is exactly what I feared the thought of not having you near.


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    Understanding love isn't always easy.


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      I am not familiar with P.P.E. = Perfect Person Except...? Parson Preaches Exclusivism ? Poetic Piece Endeared. I'm just jivving with you. You are right, understanding love especially in the empty nest years is a difficult adjustment for many. Old habits die hard when the emotions that tied us together wane. Enjoyed your piece.


      • lessthanGodmorethanman
        lessthanGodmorethanman commented
        Editing a comment
        Thank you brother. It stands for poetry prize entry lol. Did you enter?

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      Thank you, for the reply, I'll add that one to my list of alphabetic phrases. Yes, I entered my last piece today. I assume that almost everyone posted more than one. It was suggested. I would not relish the job of reading through all the entries over 4500 at present count and I'm sure more will come in before tonight's closing bell.