For years I’d read the Bible
Though there was a lot I could not comprehend
Only knowing I must follow and trust it
So I could go to Heaven in the end

So many things I read
Seemed impossible or unreal
Some areas just got boring
To me there was no appeal

Some lessons I learned quickly
And some took a little time
I’m still trying to interpret some
As you can’t conquer the mountain if you never start to climb

Over the years I’ve continued daily to read
My heart given to the Lord in song and in prayer
Some moments stressful and draining others painful
But my cross never heavier than I could bear

Along my spiritual path
I have become more aware
Of the devil and his demons tricks
As my soul they constantly try to ensnare

In the end I’m still learning
Every day I find something new
The more I read, the more I learn
Understanding it better each time I read the good book through