I was scared to be free
Free to not be scared of "I"
Living a life full of chains
Chains that filled up my life

A fear that had me strayed
Strayed but had me tight like a bond
Wrapped up in superficial hopes
Hopes that wrapped me looking superficial

Freedom was just a shield of walls
Walls that only shielded my freedom
You wonder why your reflection is a glare
Glaring back; a reflection that left me only to wonder

Safety was only a lock with no key
Key for the lock was locked somewhere safely
Mama said "you gotta learn to trust someone"
Someone you trust makes you learn eventually mama

It's a choice to be happy, safe, shielded, grounded, free
Free, grounded, shielded, safe, happy is the only choice
Only choice to living abundently
Abundently live your life by your choice

I am FREE.....