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Understand Me Rap (read it like Eminem)

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  • Understand Me Rap (read it like Eminem)

    Sometimes people don't understand me, Rhyme zone wont even consider me a nominee,
    They act like i'm the Bermuda triangle in the dead sea,
    Splashing in the water like a stinger without a bee,
    Sometimes people think i don't understand cause i don't have my associates degree
    Why cant you listen to me, does it sound like i'm from Tennessee?!
    Five hundred dollars for free, sounds nice but i know it's no guarantee,
    But you can stop me from rhyming even if there was a fee
    The crazy thing is you might be able to figure out the World before you understand me.
    I'll radio you on my walkie talkie telling you to tune into my radio talking, If you don't then i'll be behind your stereo stalking,
    Coming outta your headphones, into your brain, because listening to my lirasisim could make you go insane,
    So grab a dictionary, a picture speaks a thousands words so lets play pictionary,
    Here picture this; its your face against my right fist, understand this?

    David, Browns Mills New Jersey.
    (if i don't win it's because you don't understand me, just saying)
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    People don't understand you, man, we're one of the same. Thousands of entries I feel you kinda got game. To understand 'understanding' makes us misunderstood. People never come through even though you thinkin they should. An eye for an eye will eventually make us all blind, but you can't give up! You can't quit tryn! Five hundred sounds real nice, you're right, but you're wrong. After taxes taken out, they change the tune of the song, but money is money, im money hungry, and I need ta be fed. Ya gotta listen for the call to know where to be lead. I'm just a stranger with words that don't really mean jack, just keep ya head up, good luck, holla back..


    (Just for fun)


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      The premise of your poem is interesting and enticed me a little into reading it. But I have trouble understanding why you spend the duration of the poem writing yourself off as misunderstood, be confident! A couple of the metaphors you make (though I do get what you're aiming at) don't quite make sense. Bermuda triangle in the dead sea? Splashing in the water like a stinger without a bee? All in all, I think the poem has a lot of potential, just needs to be edited for clarity. I like how original you were with the "read it like Eminem". And just one more question, when write "lirasisim" do you mean "lyricism"? Keep at what you're doing and don't give up.


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        how do I read like eminem, do I need bifocals?