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  • The kurlman
    Words are good ,BUT was hard to read! I did understand it. The kurlman

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  • kcmcnerney
    started a topic Time goes by

    Time goes by

    Time goes by,
    Rushes, flows,
    Streaming like a river, and we’re caught in the current.
    We tumble and turn, not making a difference,
    Just flowing along.
    We see flashes of others, lives touch,
    But it’s blurry, as though under water.
    We don’t understand them, as though they were a different species.
    No one knows.
    Time goes by,
    Rushes, flows,
    And most just float along.
    Accepting the unacceptable, as if it’s a fact of life,
    That we will never understand.
    That is a weakness.
    Do not go gentle.
    Burn and rave against the way it is.
    While most flow along, the strong one would stop,
    Stand in the current,
    See things the way they are, and understand them.
    Time goes by,
    This we cannot stop,
    But some things we can.