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    It happened again, our teacher is sick
    So today's classroom sub is named Mr. Rick.
    "Hello Mr. Rick, you'll sure have a blast
    Since you won't have to worry about behavior in class.
    First we will say it's important for you
    To learn our routine so you know what to do.
    We can sharpen our pencils at any set time
    Plus we can act silly while standing in line.
    We can talk out in class without raising a hand
    And completing our school work isn't a second grade demand.
    Using the bathroom we get up and go
    And going quite often is a fact you should know.
    We don't fool around since we all do behave
    Remember we're responsible because we're in second grade.
    When snack time is ready you give us a bunch
    Plus more is encouraged right before lunch.
    We can switch classroom seats since we're given the choice
    And if we get loud just ignore the loud noise.
    Did you just tell us you're leaving a note?
    So do you mind reading what exactly you wrote?
    What were we thinking, we do apologize
    And did we just tell you those big funny lies?
    We're a great group of kids who follow the rules
    Every time a substitute is teaching in school.
    Well goodbye Mr. Rick, we'll see you real soon
    If you do sub again in our second grade classroom."