A day in the life of a student is busy
And there are those days when life's sent into a tizzy.
Some students have worries that are quickly addressed
In a classroom where students can safely express.
Now throughout the school day comments are shared
And students' concerns are handled with care.
To get a clear picture here's what I will do
I'll list a few examples to create a picture for you.

"Mr. C. I've been teased, it's hurting a great deal
And the students who laugh don't care how I feel."

"J.T. I will show you how you can be heard
And how this horrible teasing can be solved with your words."

"Mr. C. I miss mom, I miss her today
And my dad who's been home has now gone away."

"Tim it's okay if you're feeling so gray
So please let me know if talking will help you today."

"Mr. C. I am bleeding, I have a cut I believe
And this cut on my arm you surely can see."

"Kim here is a band-aid I'll put on the top
So your arm that is bleeding will come to a stop."

"Mr. C. will you watch as I dribble my ball
Since no one will watch me dribble at all?"

"Tessa you've worked hard on your dribbling skills
So know that I'm proud that you're practicing still."

"Mr. C. my pet died, I'm feeling quite sad
And so is my sister, my mom, and my dad."

"Jake I am here, I'm here to help you
So please know that I will help you get through."

"Mr. C. it's my friend, she won't play with me now
And to be part of her group she just won't allow."

"Kate there are times when friends go their own way
So let's go and make another friendship today."

"Mr. C. it's my work that I don't understand
And to complete it myself I don't know if I can."

"Jesse let's begin to put your worries to rest
We'll both work together to feel enormous success."

So I think you can see many students take turns
Sharing their comments and also concerns.
A teacher produces a community where care
Is often displayed and quite frequently shared.
Some students have worries that are quickly addressed
And what teachers encourage is to let them safely express.