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  • Old Man Winter

    I watch the children of the Earth disdain
    My bitter cold and mounds of heavy snow;
    The icy wind that I have made to blow—
    They feel its sting and do naught but complain.
    The life that’s dead and buried on the plain,
    The sun that beats in vain its shielded glow—
    They see these things and think themselves to know
    That Earth and all her beauties have been slain.
    Dear fools—is there not one of them can see
    The crystal loveliness within the cold,
    The way the snowflakes dance and laugh and sing,
    The blanket, white and pure, that pearly sea,
    The beauty hidden in its ev’ry fold,
    The rest their mother needs until the spring?

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    I appreciated the imagery employed here, as well as the structure which allows the reader to easily follow each line and idea.
    Although winter isn't my favorite season, I enjoyed this write.