I understand the sun
It holds a magnitude of light
I understand the moon
It keeps my dreams at night
I understand the stars
The stars understand me
Wandering in the dark
Holding wishes with tranquility
I understand existence
The pure meaning of 'to be'
I understand life
Nothing is as it seems
I once understood love
Yet from me it did flee
I understand death
It's cold and weary toll
The hello of all goodbyes
The body without a soul
I understand struggle
For it has found me multiple times
It creeps up on the happy life
With one blink of an eye
I understand happiness
This too I have witnessed
A great sensation of joyful feeling
Also found within forgiveness
The act of understanding
Isn't the problem, don't you see?
It's the fear of being misunderstood
One fears to always be

By: Hummingbird
Shady Spring