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Acquiescence (for Understanding Poetry contest)

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  • Acquiescence (for Understanding Poetry contest)

    “You don’t understand! You DON’T Understand! YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND!”
    My brain screams telepathically into your vacant eyes as I smile sweetly at your uncomprehending blind, vacant, smug face.

    You acknowledge my comments with a nod as you finish my sentences for me without hearing anything I really say while your eyes, mind and soul wander in a world of your own creation- one where I don’t exist.

    My body speaks a universal language all its own, but a language only acknowledged by my own taut tendons and joints as they argue with my self-restraint. Screaming for purpose they dare me to release them like a swarm from a shattered hornet’s nest. But I forbid them to be honest- it would be futile- the message would fall to the ground unnoticed, like my wingless words.

    I live in a cardboard box of my own construction. The walls taped together with weak acquiescence. Constructed of social conventions and politeness that value normalcy over honesty and veracity.

    The rising vapors of my thoughts and soul threaten to pour out the cracks of the box but I stuff compliance into the cracks to stifle their seepage. The box grows soggy and collapses around me as the shrieking in my head sweats out through the pores of my soul.

    “You’ll never understand…” I mutely whisper to myself, because… I refuse to leave the box.