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  • Falling...

    They look and they stare
    I fight their glance
    They continue to glare
    Are they in a trance?
    The eyes…
    They kill me.
    I can’t turn away
    I stop
    My body starts to sway
    I feel myself drop.
    Falling… falling… falling
    Something hits me
    The floor?
    Or could it be…
    It is.
    They catch me.
    An unfamiliar face
    Holding me in place
    Just before hitting the bottom
    The end of the earth
    The end of my life
    Voices… voices… voices
    Echoes, loud echoes
    Rushing… movement.
    People coming to my aid
    Blur.. just blur.
    My name
    Are they here to help?
    I think they are
    That’s a first
    But the arms
    The strength still present…
    It soon all fades…

    I wake up..
    There they are
    There she is
    “Are you arms?”
    “Umm..” I stutter
    “Are you the one who caught me?”
    That was all I needed to hear.
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