World Bridger

by Sylvia Quince

Not made of flesh and bone
Yet I see your true colors, I hear your real tones
Don't poses a tong or a nose
Smelling intentions, tasting the earth’s woes

Humans search for my touch when existence is rough
When it comes to others don't use me nearly enough
Everyone wants me all to themselves
Not willing to share like greedy little elves

An optometrist when visions are blurry
My glasses of truth show the beautiful, ugly and scary
Ripping the band aid of ignorant eyes
Exposing the light and suffocating lies

I'm an oasis for the rejected, the unwanted the so called “freaks"
In my world there's no fear for the unique
A tree that grows hearts I shade them form societies heat
My fountain of hope wets their dry skin, heals tired feet

Devouring crippling pain and sorrow
Step into this universal portal for a better tomorrow
Mending broken hearts and caressing bruised faces
I live in your subconscious and all your empty spaces

The most skilled shape shifter appearing here and there
Leaving traces of compassion and my footprints everywhere
A natural master at mind bending
I am the World Bridger, but you can call me Understanding