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  • Forgive You?

    To forgive you certainly feels like treason,
    I have a duty to my heart and for good reason.

    You hurt me more than you could have imagined,
    You after all caused a beautiful distraction.

    I was jade,
    And my love soon faded.

    When your love turned to hate,
    I all to soon witnessed my grimly fate.

    Awoken by pain,
    You could have at least been humane.

    Blood covered the floor,
    Me tortured with all the gore,
    I screamed "I thought it was I you adored!"

    No I was thrown away,
    because I could not obey,
    you always assumed foul play,
    and kept your love for me at bay.

    So please see forgiveness is not easy,
    the thought of it make me quite queasy.

    For now i am content,
    I gave my 100% with the changes I under went,
    which have been a reluctant event.

    It may not be today,
    you could meet me halfway.

    The road of forgiveness is tough,
    but it will come soon enough.

    Just you wait and see,
    it will take time for forgiveness to match that degree.

    With a little compassion and understanding,
    you will see it is not justice I am commanding.

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    Should we not sometimes thank those who have hurt us, deceived us, betrayed us? Have they not made us aware of our fraility and stupidity? Is it not easier to project our failures upon others to help us suppress our foolish acts of trusting too much and loving too much? Good consistent rhyme, and rhythm sometimes erratic.


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      Thank you for that with this one and what it is about, is just a civil command from an abuser to at least acknowledge that what they did hurt nothing more.
      I appreciate the criticism, I am new to the poetry world and have not studied how to group everything together constantly. Again Thank You!