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An Affliction

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  • An Affliction

    What a Joy!
    A little boy.
    A baby born
    But he had a thorn.
    An affliction to bear
    Yet he would not despair.

    A life with affliction.
    A physical condition.
    But God had a plan
    That had already began.
    A childhood full of labor
    That would eventually lead him to our Savior.

    During his life
    He would find a wife.
    Twelve years they had
    That were not sad.
    But then the sickness came
    Things would not be the same.

    His heart was overcome with guilt
    For the life that he had built.
    How he had been living his life
    Dug deep like a knife.
    He soon became aware
    Of how much he needed prayer.

    He knew his life would never suffice.
    He needed the Blood of Jesus Christ!
    In prayer he asks for forgiveness,
    And a healing miracle for his sickness.
    Now it is there,
    The feeling of despair.

    He shouts with all his might!
    Despair ripped through his being.
    Still, even without seeing,
    Faith stays in his heart,
    So he and our Father will never part.

    His afflictions will be gone
    and he will eternally live on.
    For one day all his fears,
    Along with the last of his tears,
    One day,
    Our Lord will wipe away.

    Our Father will bring
    much understanding.
    Look above
    and you will see all his love.
    For a life with sorrow
    Will be different tomorrow.